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Original Mattress Factory (OMF) – is Australia’s fastest growing mattress store. Since partnering with Oddfish Media for all of their advertising needs, OMF has grown the business from only 2 stores to more than 50 physical stores across Australia as well as their E-commerce website.

As the Creative and Design Lead from Oddfish's marketing team, I work on a daily basis across both traditional and digital creative aspects for the client. From managing influencer campaigns, designing billboards to being part of the production team of their TVC's.

Agency: Oddfish Media


Concept & Creative Direction

Influencer Campaign

Krystal Brooke - Photo Album 1.jpg
CatjaEm - InstaPost1.jpg

Delivery Truck Wrap

OMF Truck Wrap - V1-01.png
OMF Truck Wrap - V1-02.png
OMF Truck Wrap - V1-03.png

Outdoor Billboards

bus-shelter-OMF mockup billboard.jpg
shopping Centre - billboard mockup.jpg
OMF - Outdoor-Leaderboard Billboard mockup.jpg

Social Media Ads

OMF case Studie - FB ad-phone mockup-03.png
OMF case Studie - FB ad-phone mockup-05.png
OMF case Studie - FB ad-phone mockup-04.png
OMF case Studie - FB ad-phone mockup-06.png
SocialTile_200Night_V2 - Draft 1.jpg
BIB - Instagram ad-25.jpg
tv billboard-12.jpg
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