Victoria Vucinovich is a visual artist born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina who works under the artist name of VicuVuci. Victoria studied Fashion Styling and Art Direction at the Palermo University of Buenos Aires. Currently living in Australia, she works as a freelance Graphic designer and as an Artist. 

Victoria uses hand tools to create meticulous wood burnings that are an exploration of pattern and detail. This meditative abstractions rich with ornate lattices and geometric designs, hypnotises any audience in front of the artworks . Her art is highly intricate, with clear inspirations from the mandala, a spiritual symbol used in Buddhist and Hindu religions which represents the interconnectedness of the universe.

“My artwork is a exploration of the subconscious. A Map of the the non-physical world that leads into a meditation experience... once I start drawing, I completely lose myself in the flow of imagination

Art as a journey 

We are just minuscule pieces of matter on this one planet out of billions, floating around in a universe that is far greater than we can even begin to imagine. Do I really want to live my life stuck in one place for the rest of my life? Well, definitely no. From a very jung age, I always had a desire to explore to world and learn about the different cultures and people out there. By opening up myself to experiences that weren’t driven by things or people, I learned about this different sort of love that allowed me to truly connect to the world on a spiritual level. Whether it’s sipping some tee on a patio with the light streaming in, hunting for seashells on a sandy beach or wandering in a new city. Travel has undoubtedly provided me with the skills and necessary confidence to do more. To believe in myself. It has broadened my understanding of the world. It has introduced me to the kindest of souls. It has taught me invaluable lessons that no at-home experience could ever afford me.

I've always been inspired by beauty. Never on a superficial level, but more so as a concept. For me beauty is simply a culmination of our thoughts, emotions and desires. Something that exists only in our minds. What may constitute beauty in one culture, may repulse another. Every culture has their own perception of this idea that connects us as human beings. This tells us that beauty is not bound to any physical thing - it is an idea. An invention and interpretation of each individual human mind that stirs something within us. So this is what you are seeing here; my vision of  "beauty". A small part of me, my soul and my interpretation of the world and this "idea" translated onto a piece of wood or paper.

There is joy in creation. There is wonder in stepping outside your comfort zone. There is freedom in artistic expression.