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About me

My name is Victoria Vucinovich - or how my friends and family like to call me, Vicu. 

I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

After lots of travels around the globe, I ended up moving to Australia in 2017 where I've recently become a citizen and started my own little family. That's Pluto sharing the big news :)


Woodburning & illustration

My art journey started when I was studying at university.

Doodling next to my notes while listening to the professors was a way for me to concentrate. Soon my drawings developed into more complicated and intricate designs with ornate lattices and geometric elements. I also started experimenting with different tools and technique's like wood burning. There was no turning back after that.... I fell in love with the process, the smell of the burned wood, and the different textures I could create. I spent hours exploring different line and dot patterns which led me into meditation experiences.  My art  helped me develop patience and discipline.  Once the journey is over, I look back at the hours spent on the creation and I know that every second was worth it.

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