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Noting issues with Central Coast residents and their disposal patterns, Cleanaway’s coastal faction, 1Coast, reached out looking for ideas on how to engage with the local community to encourage recycling habits and sorting out waste correctly.
I've developed and implemented a series of communications - mostly for social media campaigns and print advertisements created to support the ongoing educational program run by Cleanaway and the Central Coast Council in NSW. 
Agency: Oddfish Media

Digital Projects


Print Projects

Recycling Display Unit - 2021

I created a unit to display recycling items which was placed at various locations across the Central Coast (libraries, shopping centers, gyms and theaters). This unit was made out of corflute. Dimensions 1500mm x 900mm front – 250x1500mm sides. This included 3 internal shelves with side openings and transparent front cover to secure items.

High School Booklet - 2020

This communication piece started as a word document draft provided by the 1Coast team in 2020. I designed 35 pages with the objective of making it look engaging for high school students by adding illustrations and colors to the design. 

Newsletter Brochure - 2020

This Newsletter was created to inform and keep both teachers and students updated across competitions and other events organised by 1Coast.

Flyers and print advertisement

These are just a few of the print ads and flyers that I designed for 1Coast with the objective of informing locals on the right ways to sort out waste.

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